Have you given any thought to what your fans’ nicknames are going to be?

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what if there was a really flamboyant assassin and after they killed someone they just snapped their fingers, turned away and said ‘you’ve just been SASSassinated’

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I’m having a minor freak out because I just realized that my entire Marvel DVD collection is just the first two Iron Man movies and one of the shitty Hulk movies that no one ever talks about. I don’t even have the actual Avengers movie?? Unless I just can’t find it, because I feel like it’s something I would have bought right away. I’m slacking. An getting on Amazon first thing in the morning.


i would much rather be the “obnoxious feminist girl” than be complicit in my own dehumanization, thanks


Men’s Rights Activists.

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a dystopian novel about some guy who works in the government and is just trying to get by while some shitty kids try and overthrow society


Shiiiiit. Are you interested in her?

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I think the best assesment of the scene I ever saw was in heydon’tjudgeme's recap:

'I imagine Pentecost is at the same emotional level as watching your kid’s first football game and getting interrupted because your dumb nephew blew up the concession stand.'

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The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies.

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Canadian police arrest teen in connection to Heartbleed bug attack

CBC News: Canadian police arrested a 19-year-old man in London, Ontario, on Wednesday in connection to the theft of tax-payer information through the Heartbleed bug.

Police allege the man stole 900 social insurance numbers from the Canada Revenue Agency by exploiting the Heartbleed vulnerability in the OpenSSL encryption software. He faces counts of unauthorized use of a computer and mischief in relation to data.

This is the first charge related to an attack exploiting the Heartbleed bug. 

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Photo: Heartbleed.com VIA Tom’s Guide